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The family of Erich B. Kusch

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The family of Erich B. Kusch ( His wife Christel, his daughters Claudia, Felicitas, Verena and Imogen and his son Clemens and his granddaughter Aurora) have donated a large sum of 6,000 euros to ACODO on September 27, 2010 in memory of their father, husband and grandfather in occasion of what would have been Erich B.Kusch's 80th birthday.

Erich B. Kusch was a well known German journalist, world traveller and author who lived most of his life in Rome, Italy. He is remembered for his kindness, spaciousness and generosity by his family, friends and colleagues as well for his spirit of adventure. They know that he would have appreciated the spirit that pervades ACODO: a deep trust in the future and a strong sense that art and beauty contributes to healing and to personal and professional development and to building community.

The Kusch family hopes that this gift to ACODO will transmit confidence and self reliance to the children of Acodo, two attributes that contributed to Erich B. Kusch's success in his work and life.

Felicitas Kusch-Lango has donated $1,000 USD to ACODO after visiting the orphanage with her Cambodian born and her husband son Tasio in August of 2010. She was inspired by the beautiful performance and by the confidence and cheerfulness of the children.


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ACODO is a Cambodian Non-Profit Organization. Registered charity No. 893, 14 July, 2008, Ministry of Interior. MOU No. 2663, Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation.

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