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A place of hope, aspiration and kindness

Community-Based Care

Your sponsorship will cover the direct and indirect costs related to education, some rice and cooking ingredients to share among the whole families. Children can also help their families with chores and field work after coming home from school. A small amount of tutoring allowance will solve the isolated community-based teacher shortages.

The rewards of supporting this program are truly immeasurable. You cannot only share in your sponsored child’s individual development as they integrate into family and school, but also the development of the whole community. You can give one child a truly life changing opportunity.


Rina, Grade 10

Lin Rina, 16 years old, is seeking sponsorship to continue her education.  She will start Grade 10 in the new academic year 2016-2017 and has to travel to the city as there is no high school available in her village.

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Dalin, Grade 10

Roeurt Dalin, 16 years old, is seeking for sponsorship to go to Grade 10 in the new academic year 2016-2017 after gradating from the secondary school in her village.

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Dina, Grade 10

Deb Dina is 17 years old, and the third son of five children.  Dina is starting Grade 10 in the new academic year 2016-2017. He has two older sisters, an older brother, and one younger sister. The two older sisters and brother dropped out of primary school. His older sister got married and his older brother became a migrant worker in Thailand.

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Ratha, 13 years old

Ratha has 7 siblings. She studies in grade 5 at a primary school located 3 km far away from home.
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Tham, 13 years old

Tham is 13 years old, but he just studies in grade 3 at a primary school located over 5km far away from his home.

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Ratana, 10 years old

Ratana is 10 years old, but just studies in grade 1 at a primary school.

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Without donations like yours, however, the ACODO will not have funds to keep operating. A financial gift from you will be a big help in reaching our goal.

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ACODO is a Cambodian Non-Profit Organization. Registered charity No. 893, 14 July, 2008, Ministry of Interior. MOU No. 2663, Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation.

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