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Community Based Care

In February, 2012 the Ministry of Social Affairs in Cambodia announced a new policy aimed at keeping Cambodian children out of institutions in favour of family based care. The existing policy framework of Specific Objectives for Alternative Care of Children is to reduce the number of children living in centres and orphanages through tracing, reunification with families, reintegration into community and group-home based care at the earliest possible moment. Orphanage care should be a last resort and a temporary solution.

Main Objective and Goals

To promote child welfare, this project supports either parents to raise their own children and send them to school or families, relatives and communities caring for children where parental care is not possible.

1. ACODO Life Skill Programme

Education is the primary reason why poor families place their children in care. Most residential care centers offer education and extra classes. However, most centers also send children to local state or private schools. Education was cited as a major reason for placing children in residential care.

ACODO believes that education is the bedrock for sustainable change, it is a basic right that no person should be denied. Education fosters self-confidence, self-sufficiency and tolerance towards others.

Project Framework

Children themselves, their family, teacher and school are the important factors to promote a high-quality education. 

  • Basic school supplies: school stationery, school bags, school uniforms, textbook, notebooks, etc.

  • Teacher recruitment: New graduated teachers would rather teach children in the city than teach the poor children in the remote areas without electricity. They cannot adopt poor lifestyle.   

  • School teacher training: Cambodian dropout rate is 80% and most of them are in the rural areas. Most rural school teachers don't graduate from high school. They definitely need more teaching training to become good teachers.  

  • Broaden school curriculum: Today both children and teachers have early school holiday and late school season. They are also absent a lot throughout the school academic year. Children are busy to look after the animals in the rice field, help their parents to grow and collect rice, take care of the little siblings, do domestic service, etc. Cambodian school teachers cannot survive on the low salary without having other jobs such as growing rice, raising animals, etc.

  • Raise awareness of importance of education to the children's family and the whole community. Children cannot attend school without any support by their family. This includes emotional encouragement. 

2. ACODO Indigent Family Support  

For extremely poor and big single parent family who cannot feed the children and look after them, we provide them some basic food regularly, such as rice, cooking and hygiene products, etc., to keep their children remain in the family. Usually, their parents work far away from home and the children either stay at home with their old grandparents or they go to work with their parents without schooling. This kind of children will quit school and become child labourers if no any support.


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ACODO is a Cambodian Non-Profit Organization. Registered charity No. 893, 14 July, 2008, Ministry of Interior. MOU No. 2663, Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation.

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